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Want help building your own outdoor lessons? Or would you prefer to support one of our University students in delivering them? 

The EdEN Lab offers two training programs: SproUTing Teachers and the EdEN Interns Program.

SproUTing Teachers is an individualized training program that guides instructors in adapting their curriculum for outdoor learning. It also helps schools develop lasting organizational structures for garden sustainability.


The EdEN Interns Program pairs undergraduates in UT’s nutrition program with mentor teachers. Interns develop and deliver outdoor lessons adapted from their mentors’ ‘indoor’ curriculum.


Individualized teacher coaching

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Lessons from visiting students

Who it's for

Any teacher or organizational staff from any school - we welcome all grades and levels! 

2nd-5th grade teachers are prioritized, but 1st, Kinder, PK, and SPED should still apply.

We offer virtual or in-person coaching sessions in one of three tracks:

Classroom teacher


Instructional coach


Garden leadership team
(garden use, management, and goal setting)


Because this program is designed to create lasting changes in a school’s teaching community, priority is given to schools with at least 3 teachers applying.

Two UT nutrition majors are partnered with each teacher mentor.


Interns develop and teach 5 TEKS-aligned, 45-minute lessons throughout the semester. These involve gardening, planting, and cooking with your students.


Lessons focus on gardening, nutrition, and cooking in an outdoor setting. 

How it works

What you need

Administrative approval

Existing, well-maintained school garden

At least one year of experience teaching at your current school


Existing, well-maintained school garden

Time commitments

Schedule and attend 6 coaching sessions (1 per month from Oct-April)

Allow UT student interns to teach 5, 45-minute lessons throughout the year

Interns also meet with their preceptors once at the beginning of the semester for goal-setting and lesson planning (~1 hour meeting)

What you get

Personalized coaching tailored to your curriculum and unique teaching needs


CPE credit awarded for session time

Access to extensive EdEN lab resources on school gardens and outdoor learning

The opportunity to mentor students who are passionate about nutrition education

5 customized, 45-minute lessons including materials and supplies


Help with garden maintenance

Application window opens: April 1st, 2024

Application deadline: May 1st, 2024

Notification of acceptance: May 13th, 2024


Application window opens: April 1st, 2024

Application deadline: May 1st, 2024

Notification of acceptance: May 13th, 2024



Additional Offerings

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We hold free, virtual trainings throughout the year that provide Continuing Professional Education for teachers who want to expand their knowledge of gardening, outdoor curriculum, grant-writing, and more.

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In-person trainings

We offer free in-person trainings for schools, districts or groups of teaching professionals who want to further their knowledge of outdoor learning. Your school or organization must be in one of our programs to participate.

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To stay in the loop about upcoming webinars and in-person training opportunities, join the EdEN Lab mailing list.

Take our school garden survey to help us improve outdoor learning for all.

By taking our school garden survey, you will help us gather wider information on best practices for school gardens. After taking the survey, you will be provided with a synthesis in the form of a scorecard, which will showcase areas that are strong and areas that can be improved - complete with resources, guidance and advice on how to do so!

Every school garden is different. We love it when multiple stakeholders from the same school (your teachers, administrators, and parents) take our survey. This allows us to analyze input from your entire team and find the most actionable recommendations and resources.

If you are involved in your school garden, please take the survey below!

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You can view FAQ’s about our programs or email to ask any questions. 

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